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More From The New Direction Of DC

More information has gotten out from the latest stop on the DC Roadshow, in NYC on Friday:

*  DC has done a lot of market research on people who quit buying comics and seems to be actively chasing them.

*  There is apparently a DCnu Bible telling what exactly has happened and what exactly hasn't.  Given that some titles are still feeding off Brightest Day instead of the reboot and the Green Lantern books plus one Batbook are staying where they are, this does not bode well.  Not everyone has the same page of music.

*  Here's something that almost made me puke -- the reason for the change in Supergirl, as Dan Didio put it, "Supergirl, as she has been written, sometimes comes across as mature and responsible as a 40 year-old adult.  She shouldn’t.  She’s a teen who is still finding herself and her character should reflect that."  Uh, notice the word "sometime" in there?  It's because no one writes her consistently.  I've seen plenty of stories where she acts "edgy" (as Didio would say) or "like a bitch" (as I would say).  Besides, she's Supergirl.  Just like how Superman didn't have a formative experience (seeing his parents killed or anything like that), he's just a hero.  Same principal should apply to Supergirl.  Instead, they are turning her into Avril Lavinge.  They still don't get it, and the Maid Of Might is going to suffer for it.

Teen Titans will have all four Robins either starring or co-starring.  Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Justice League is set in the past.  In this era, there are super powered beings who are viewed with suspicion, and the Justice League is their attempt to prove they deserve the label "heroes".  Sounds like X-Men.  You know, the title Jim Lee was drawing back in the 90's.

*  Writers are being instructed not to write for the trades anymore.  If they can tell a tighter story (or, in Lobdell's case, tell a story at all) in four issues instead, do it, editorial will figure out how to package it.

Today, the Roadshow was in Rosemont, Illinois, my backyard.  I'll let you know what leaks out of it.

Oh, and I have a bet with a guy at the comic shop.  I say Hawk And Dove is the first to miss its deadline because it's Rob Liefeld.  He says it'll be Justice League because it's Jim Lee.
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