Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Okay, Where Are We At?

Well, pretty productive weekend.

Here's how things shook out for the week:

1)  Issue #3 of Sound Waves is penciled and inked.  I'll scan it in and letter it soon.  #2 is still in the pipe and awaiting release, I just want the third issue in time for the ChicagoCon in case I show it around.

2)  Work on new Stress Puppy strips starts this week.

3)  Cloudburst is in the can.

So, for the coming week, I will:

1)  Pull the data off those two computers my friends have asked me to do.

2)  Get the box art for Cloudburst done and under wraps.

3)  Start Sound Waves #4.  Thankfully, I'm comfortable with my lead time (originally, I was going to release #1 in August, but I forgot that plan and released #1 in June, so I was scrambling to put some distance into the quarterly schedule), so I can be less obsessive about it.

4)  New Stress Puppy strips.

5)  Sort through what comics I'm going to get signed at the ChicagoCon this year.

6)  Get some more info on Mad Bodies so I can finish the review.  I mean, that can't be ALL there is to the game, right?

7)  As a bonus, I might be able to resume work on Head Above Water.  I haven't lettered the first issue yet, and I only have page 1 and half of page 2 of #2 done.  Admittedly, there was no release schedule (I'm not even going to think about starting it up until I get issue #4 in the can), but it's a 5 issue mini, and I really shouldn't be taking this long.

8)  Lay some groundwork for my next computer game project.  Well, gotta decide what that game is going to be first.

9)  Start working on the new C++ tutorials I have.

Like Kim Jong Il says in Team America: World Police, "YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING BUSY I AM?!?"

You can't say I'm not ambitious.
Tags: art, cloudburst, comic books, comics, computers, don't try this at home, head above water, original comic art, sound waves, stress puppy, technology is a beautiful thing, this ought to be interesting, video games

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