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The Downside Of Small Town Living

I've mentioned before that I have a few immutable rules of life.  These are things that are generalities but may as well be absolutes.  They include but are not limited to:

*  Everybody hates
*  You learn more about a man by his enemies than by his friends
*  You don't shake the devil's hand, then say you're only kidding
*  Abuse of power should come as no surprise

There's another that, because of where I live, doesn't pop up very often, so when it does, it's a shock.  And that rule is, nothing good can ever come from a white guy proudly flying a German flag.

I have literally just come back from the post office.  My town is actually quite nice.  I know lots of people complain about small towns, but I don't.  And, in fact, my area is actually pretty progressive when it comes to things.  For example, a white supremacist group decided to hold a rally in a neighboring town.  People from the surrounding area showed up to protest, outnumbering the idiots by at least three to one.  Police were more afraid that the protesters were going to start a fight than the dipshits.  My town doesn't hold pride weekends or anything, but if you are a good person and don't act like an idiot or do anything illegal, you can be whatever you are and you're left alone.  When I first came here, there were only a couple of black people here.  The number has grown considerably over the decades, and no one in town hyped.  They're just people.  As a result, it's kind of insulated.  You forget there's a dangerous side to racial relations, where there is still a war going on.  A few people who are members of the KKK, one of them a Grand Dragon, lives about thirty minutes away from me.  When Benjamin Smith of the misleadingly named World Church Of The Creator (now the Creativity Movement) went on his killing rampage in 1999, his path took him relatively close to my area.

I literally just got back from the post office.  I pull into the parking lot, and there's a guy with a late model car with one of those car flags in the door.  But instead of an American flag or a sports team flag, it's a German flag.

I have a nasty tendency to sometimes look at people and start examining, determining strengths, weaknesses, and level of threat.  The worst thing about that is it's never wrong -- if it kicks in, there's a reason.  White, mid to late twenties, brownish blond hair in a pony tail, angry vibe, black T-shirt, jeans, kind of wiry but clearly a scrapper.  From how he was sitting, I couldn't see any tats, and it's not like the German flag had 88 on it or anything like that, but if you go with the most rudimentary profile, he fits the bill.

I freely admit I could be reading too much into this, he could just be proud of his German heritage like I'm proud of my Polish heritage, maybe he's just having a bad day and he's actually a swell guy.  But I've got to stay sharp.  He's free to think what he wants.  But if he moves from thinking to action, if he tries anything, I have to be ready.

We ALL have to be ready.
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