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Scott Adams. Just...Scott Adams....

I got a warning when the link was sent to me -- "Brace yourself, what you read is going to really set you off."

Yup.  He was right.

This concerns world class moron Scott Adams.  Yes, the same guy I used to think was so funny all those years ago, then noticed problems with his logic, and abandoned.  I'm more aware of him now than back when I actually liked him.

I've said before and I'll say again that what we create is what we are, we are limited by ourselves.  Not to say we can't do things we wouldn't normally, but there are limits, there are boundaries we will NOT cross.  I can write action sequences, and given how slapsticky it is, Red Riding Hood is also extremely violent.  But I could never write a movie like Saw or The Human Centipede because I don't have it in me to be that depraved and horrible to other people, even if the people in those movies are set up to be non-sympathetic and deserving what they get.  Read my stuff, from Hannah Singer to Sound Waves to The Supremacy to Quantum Redshift to Stress Puppy -- hell, read my blog! -- and you do get a rough idea of what I'm really like if you meet me in Real Time.

Taking this approach, Adams has long shown arrogance and disdain for others, and a distinct lack of know what?  It's not lack of empathy, it's lack of humanity.  All his characters exist to make others miserable or cheat the system or just do as little as possible.  Ethics don't exist.  Other than Dogbert, the females are frequently violent (Alice with her Fist Of Death, Secretary With A Crossbow, a witch who turns Dilbert into a frog on their first date for no discernable reason whatsoever) and dangerous to those around them.  I want to focus on this, on a very very questionable depiction of women in general and what it says about the mind creating it.

A few weeks ago in June, Adams posted yet another pile of bullshit to his blog.  Long story short -- he says rape is okay and is just a normal male instinct and we shouldn't hype about it....

"If you have a round peg that doesn’t fit in a square hole, do you blame the peg or the hole? You probably blame neither. We don’t assign blame to inanimate objects. But you might have some questions about the person who provided you with these mismatched items and set you up to fail.

"If a lion and a zebra show up at the same watering hole, and the lion kills the zebra, whose fault is that? Maybe you say the lion is at fault for doing the killing. Maybe you say the zebra should have chosen a safer watering hole. But in the end, you probably conclude that both animals acted according to their natures, so no one is to blame. However, if this is your local zoo, you might have some questions about who put the lions with the zebras in the same habitat.

"Now consider human males. No doubt you have noticed an alarming trend in the news. Powerful men have been behaving badly, e.g. tweeting, raping, cheating, and being offensive to just about everyone in the entire world. The current view of such things is that the men are to blame for their own bad behavior. That seems right. Obviously we shouldn’t blame the victims. I think we all agree on that point. Blame and shame are society’s tools for keeping things under control.

"The part that interests me is that society is organized in such a way that the natural instincts of men are shameful and criminal while the natural instincts of women are mostly legal and acceptable. In other words, men are born as round pegs in a society full of square holes. Whose fault is that? Do you blame the baby who didn’t ask to be born male? Or do you blame the society that brought him into the world, all round-pegged and turgid, and said, “Here’s your square hole”

"The way society is organized at the moment, we have no choice but to blame men for bad behavior. If we allowed men to act like unrestrained horny animals, all hell would break loose. All I’m saying is that society has evolved to keep males in a state of continuous unfulfilled urges, more commonly known as unhappiness. No one planned it that way. Things just drifted in that direction.

"To be fair, if a man meets and marries the right woman, and she fulfills his needs, he might have no desire to tweet his meat to strangers. Everyone is different. But in general, society is organized as a virtual prison for men’s natural desires. I don’t have a solution in mind. It’s a zero sum game. If men get everything they want, women lose, and vice versa. And there’s no real middle ground because that would look like tweeting a picture of your junk with your underpants still on. Some things just don’t have a compromise solution.

"Long term, I think science will come up with a drug that keeps men chemically castrated for as long as they are on it. It sounds bad, but I suspect that if a man loses his urge for sex, he also doesn’t miss it. Men and women would also need a second drug that increases oxytocin levels in couples who want to bond. Copulation will become extinct. Men who want to reproduce will stop taking the castration drug for a week, fill a few jars with sperm for artificial insemination, and go back on the castration pill.

"That might sound to you like a horrible world. But the oxytocin would make us a society of huggers, and no one would be treated as a sex object. You’d have no rape, fewer divorces, stronger friendships, and a lot of other advantages. I think that’s where we’re headed in a few generations."

Let's get something straight right off the bat -- rape is not a sexual crime!  It is a hate crime!  It is a violent crime!  It's about taking by force and breaking people psychologically!  Only recently has society (and, more importantly, the courts) begun to recognize this.  Rape was originally understood to be wrong.  The Romans, for example, raping men and women happened a lot, and when they began to see the effect this was having on their society, they outlawed it.  Adams is lumping a criminal act with sexual behavior.  That is WRONG!

(Side note:  I'm not talking about rape fantasies.  Women frequently have them, but the "rape" they fantasize about is not criminal.  Dominating, but not criminal, and fantasies about domination are garden-variety kink.  There's still an element of control, of safety, of allowing these power plays to happen and they can end them at any time.  Admittedly, rape fantasies squick me, but then again, we aren't talking about my kinks, and just because I don't have them doesn't mean they aren't okay.)

Adams, with his mention of "Now consider human males. No doubt you have noticed an alarming trend in the news. Powerful men have been behaving badly, e.g. tweeting, raping, cheating, and being offensive to just about everyone in the entire world.  The part that interests me is that society is organized in such a way that the natural instincts of men are shameful and criminal while the natural instincts of women are mostly legal and acceptable" can be interpreted as saying rape should not be considered criminal and shameful.  It's just how powerful men behave.  Not only is this wrong (what's the point of laws then?), but really.  I hate the idea that mens' bad behavior is hard wired into them (by evolution or whatever) and they can't help it.  "Men can't help but cheat."  Millions of men are faithful to their partners every day all over the world.  "Men are violent."  Millions of men control their outrage and treat others, even those that intimidate them, with respect every day.  Saying things should be excused because it is some primoidial instinct is a horrifying proposition.  That is shameful.  And it should be.

Today's recommended reading is Myths Of Gender:  Biological Theories About Women And Men by Anne Fausto-Sterling.  (Germaine to the discussion is the chapter "Putting Woman in Her (Evolutionary) Place" which establishes that "rape happens all the time in the wild" is a bunch of crap.

I don't care if Adams is trolling or not.  What he's saying is stupid, horrifying, offensive, and he deserves to be ostracized by every right thinking person in the world.  Women should reject him because he's an asshole.  Men should reject him because we don't need him as a representative of us.

Please, Adams...just go away.
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