Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

BOOBS! And Lots Of Them!

Let's start with this, the cover for Suicide Squad #2.  I would like to direct your attention to Harley Quinn there on the left.

Okay.  Seriously, DC -- how exactly does Harley Quinn NOT pop out of that top?

Now, here's the cover for Huntress #1.

I'm starting to think the biggest boobs in the DC Universe are the art directors.

Wonder Woman is being shown in solicits in her star spangled swimsuit instead of leggings.  Curiously, everything else in the artwork is the same, so someone Shopped the leggings out.

So, let's talk about comic book anatomy for a minute and how it relates to female heroes.

As I've pointed out before, generally speaking, male heroes inspire, female heroes seduce.  The standard explanation you get for why women look like that in comics has to do with the nature of superhero books.  When you want to suggest a super man, you exaggerate his muscles and such.  But you exaggerate the muscles on a woman, she looks less feminine, so they exaggerate her hips, her bust, and other things, heightening the things that identify her as a woman.  (This is the primary reason I drew Quantum Redshift in the chibi style I use for Sound Waves -- I wanted the focus to be on Rose's character and the fantastic events she finds herself in the middle of.)

This, however, sidesteps the real problem.  Yes, there are women with big tits in the world (nevermind someone like Huntress should have an athletic build and therefore, smaller breasts, but that's beside the point).  The real problem is that women are not being presented as empowered, with their enhanced physiques underlining they are women, hear them roar.  The problem is that they are being presented as sex objects, plain and simple.  Check out the Tomb Raider comic book, where Lara Croft is constantly bending or arching her back with something approaching an O face.  She's supposed to be an adventurer that puts Indiana Jones to shame, but the books are mostly pin up art.

Now, there's nothing wrong with sex appeal.  My issue is that companies present women like this, and then act surprised that people are calling them out on it.  Birds Of Prey was known for its stories, characters, wit, and intelligence, even though the women there looked just like they do in all the other DC books.  The difference?  The focus.  They were actual characters, not just fap material.  Batman The Animated Series was the same, presenting Catwoman and others as sexy without that being the sole focus.

Part of the reason my art doesn't advance much is that I don't have it in me to make dynamic poses.  When I draw, I am constantly aware of the limitations of the human body and work within those limits.  For example, it is impossible to see a woman's chest and her ass unless her waist is a rotational joint instead of twisting (closest to this is the drawing of Holly holding the Ban Hammer, but even that is a twist most anyone can do to strike a fun pose).

So what is it, DC?  Are you trying to present characters, or just something for people too chicken to pick up a Playboy?
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