Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The IP Address Of Broken Dreams

I get an email mentioning Rebecca Black.

Black, for those who may not know, had a viral music video hit "It's Friday" (which, thematically, shares a lot in common with Miranda Cosgrove's last video, but whatever).  Black has not only made a second new song called "My Moment," but apparently, yesterday, released a five song EP with both songs on it.

Now, I'm not impressed with Black (I believe I once referred to her as the next Tay Zonday), but that's beside the point.  I hope the album's a hit.  I hope it leads to good things for her.  And I'm being sincere.

It's tough out there for indies.  How do you get attention?  How do you build your audience?  How is it that people with almost no talent can get deals (I was ready to spit nails when I saw Snooki from Jersey Shore "wrote" a book and it was in Barnes And Noble, and they won't let me do a signing for my Hannah Singer book because they only want books they order through their distributor, and they can't return print on demand titles) while you are stuck in the trenches?  Where is our Cinderella story?

Black has a slightly bigger problem, though.  Her first "single" was a free view on YouTube.  As Tay Zonday found out when he tried to sell his follow-up to Chocolate Rain, sometimes the whole appeal is that it's free, it's not something people want to pay for.  Now, Black isn't Zonday, and isn't courting the same audience he is (he was after the people on the chans who made him efamous, she's after the Hannah Montana crowd).  But odds are far more likely that this isn't going to go anywhere.  I don't wish that crushing disappointment on anyone.  I've felt it enough.

So good luck to you, Miss Black.  I hope it does open the door to your dreams.  It's always nice to see that happen.
Tags: art, destroying childhood memories, did not do the research, digital rights, hannah singer, important life lessons, just play music, lord hear our prayer, technology is a beautiful thing
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