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Awesome! Another Show I Can Forget To Tivo!

Oh, goody.  Charlie Sheen is back in the news.  Excuse me just a second.

Wow, it's truly amazing how fast aspirin kicks in.  Okay.  Sheen is going to be starring in his own TV series, based on the movie Anger Management.  You know, I've put up with Adam Sandler for a long time.  I mean, his humor doesn't appeal to me, but he seems to be a nice, humble guy and other people clearly like him, so okay.  But this?  I officially hate the guy.

In the press release, Sheen lets everyone know he's playing the guy with anger issues who is just misunderstood by everyone.  Uh...yeah.  Right.  They don't mention if he'll play the Sandler role or the Jack Nicholson role.  Anyhoo, it's being produced by Sheen and by Joe Roth.  Roth had one of the best reputations in Hollywood (people would actually do handshake deals with him) before he left Disney to start Revolution Studios.  The show's distribution will be handled by Debmar-Mercury.  DM has the following business model for shows like Tyler Perry's House Of Payne, Ice Cube's Are We There Yet? and Meet The Browns.  "Our sitcom model is all about building well-known brands around extraordinary talents like Charlie that, thanks to their large profit participation, are highly motivated to succeed," said DM presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein in the press release.  This likely means the show will debut on a cable network like TBS and, if a hit, move to broadcast syndication as well as cable releasing, just like the three shows mentioned above.

Roth produced three movies that Sheen was in -- Major League, Young Guns, and Three Musketeers (IIRC, Sheen said in the press kit he had never read the book, but it was a really good candy bar.  We should be thankful the movie wasn't a bigger disaster than it was).

No start date has been announced for shooting or a target date for release.  But if you really need a Charlie Sheen fix before then, he's going to be the focus of a Comedy Central roast.  It airs on September 19.  The same night Two And A Half Men with Sheen's replacement Ashton Kutcher begins.

Okay...tell me again why my screenwriting flamed out and this chump is getting deals thrown at him.
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