Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

People Should Not Be Afraid Of Their Governments. Goverments Should Be Afraid Of Their People

Oh, my.  This is interesting.  A new poll taken says that only 30% of voters are willing to re-elect incumbents during next year's elections.

I know, there's a difference between "change" and "progress."  But we aren't likely to get progress any time soon, so might as well go for change.

During the 2010 elections, about half polled said they were willing to vote for the incumbents.

Folks, the time is right.  Voter anger is still high, and they are still pissed.

Your mission is to find good candidates.  Democrat, Republican, I don't care.  Find good people willing to be responsible and represent you.  This could be the best chance to get real representation in Congress again.
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, lord hear our prayer, politics, portents of doom, pure awesome, this ought to be interesting
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