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If Jesus Died To Forgive Our Sins, Why Is Stuff Like This Still Hounding Us?

One of the problems with being 40 years old is explaining to people half a generation or more younger than me what it was like in the 80's and the 90's.  If only there was a way to actually show them the era instead of just telling them about it.

Well, there's an option.  Among the movies Netflix is offering is Cool As Ice, the movie vehicle (as in "car on blocks") for Vanilla Ice, a white "rapper" from the "tough parts of Florida" and "professional motorcross champion" who was popular for approximately fifteen minutes.  In other words, this movie was green lit during his rise to pop culture fame and came out long after people pretty much forgot about him.

This movie sums up the 90's perfectly, when image and pop conformity and vapid disregard were still mutating from the previous decade.  Not only will you learn about attitudes and trends of the time, you will also learn you can use a drop light as a microphone (those of you who've seen the movie know what I'm talking about).  Unless you have VHS, you probably will never see it, because it's never been released on DVD.  That's right -- Netflix is streaming a movie no one wants to release on DVD.  They released An Alan Smithee Film -- Burn Hollywood Burn on DVD, and that didn't even make $100,000 at the box office!  This made five times that and no one wants to waste the plastic!  Not even burn on demand!

So, if you can handle an assault of egotism that makes Paris Hilton look modest, give it a whirl.  You won't know whether to laugh or be afraid of the generation that was exposed to this movie.
Tags: art, haven't we suffered enough, i'm such a bitch, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing
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