Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Shocker Toys Becomes Shocked Toys

I've mentioned Shocker Toys and their bullshit they've been pulling lately.  Well, yesterday, they held a panel at the San Diego Con.  Most companies that do the things they do hope that the threat of professional assassination will keep people in line.  However, enough people are bitching that Shocker was just whistling past the graveyard.

So, the panel went off chock full of fans of the toys.

And one pissed off person.

One VERY pissed off person.

In the middle of the panel, Jim Macquarrie, who has been trying to get Shocker Toys to cough up money owed to its freelancers, went up and served head of Shocker Toys Geoff Beckett with court papers, in front of God, the audience, and everybody.

“Got the pleasure of serving court papers on a guy who thinks paying his artists is optional. In the middle of his panel at Comic-Con. Kind of a jerk move, but he’s kind of a jerk guy. Shocker Toys.”

Jim Macquarrie, you're my new hero.
Tags: art, be attitude for gains, comic books, comics, i'll drink to that, just desserts, punk as phuck, pure awesome, this ought to be interesting
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