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How Many D's Are There In "Schadenfreud"?

Two for the price of one post, connected by the single thread of, "Whoa!  Didn't see THAT one coming!"

First up, hello to Sandra Bullock.  It was her birthday on Tuesday.  And what did she get for her birthday?

Press reports that her ex Jesse James and his squeeze Kat Von D broke up.

For a while, people were dumping on Bullock for being surprised James ran around on her.  But no one could defend James making a public spectacle of himself, talking on the Howard Stern show about how Kat was "100% better in the sack" and shopping around a book about his marriage to Bullock.  He made no excuses for his wandering eye even as he and Kat were making wedding arrangements that were soon to go down.

And now?  Kat dumped his ass.

More on this in a minute.

Second, for those of us who hate the Kardashian Klones (Seanbaby wrote one of his funniest lines when, describing all the bad video games he gets, "My Wii provides a home to more useless wastes of space than Bruce Jenner"), we got some great news.  Kim Kardashian, who is not at all concerned with her appearance even as she goes to a doctor to have her butt X-rayed to prove there's no plastic surgery in perfect make-up and clothes that don't seem AT ALL staged for the photos, has psoriasis.  The outbreaks have started, and she's scared it's the end of her career since she poses in so many bikinis and stuff.

Now, I want to first caution how much laughter you get out of this.  There's a very thin line between schadenfreud and being mean.  Please let some self-awareness temper any desire to build up yourself while enjoying these twists of fate.

That said, I find it very interesting the timing of these bits.  Kat Von D's TV series, Hollywood Ink, is about to start its new season and was going to feature her talking about her relationship with James.  She's also mentioned a tattoo she's gotten in James' honor that she's not sure she's going to reveal to the world.  How about that -- Kat is using events in her life to get the public talking about her.  Just like he did.

Likewise, the revelation about the psoriasis came on the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, with Kim freaking out and mom appearing to say that she had psoriasis when she was Kim's age, too.  Reality TV shows like these, there is control over what makes it on the air and what doesn't.  Kim eventually does the photo shoot with heavy make-up to cover up the rash, but you can't tell me that, as much as they fight to control the image they present, that part couldn't have been hidden away in the final cut.

I'm not saying these people are manufacturing these events just to drum up ratings, just that they know an opportunity when they see it.  After all, reality TV is all about getting people to watch you.  Just saying that, as funny as these things may be, they aren't humiliated by them, they are using them to keep themselves afloat.  So don't feel too bad for them.
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