Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Wu-ing The Ladies

Update came skittering across the Peter G news desk during the LJ Outage.

Remember this fucking guy?

This is David Wu, a Democratic US Representative from Oregon who has served seven terms.

There won't be an eighth.

Wu ran a hard re-election campaign and capped it off by texting the picture you see here on the right to staffers.  There have been whispers about erratic behavior on the part of Wu for a while and a possible extramarital dalliance, but Wu wouldn't talk about it, and emphasized that, since the election, he's been undergoing mental therapy.

Well, on July 22, word hit the press that a young woman was accusing Wu of "an aggressive and unwanted sexual encounter last spring.  The press isn't saying what her name is, but that she was a teenager.  Must as I like kicking a congressman around, that's very easy to twist into making Wu seem like a pervert.  The woman in question registered to vote in 2010, the encounter happened in spring 2011, so she wasn't underage.  I mean, it's still wrong, but let's not make false assumptions just because of vague facts, m'kay?  The woman is apparently the daughter of a longtime donor to Wu.  Wu responded by saying that whatever happened was consensual.

Well, the media was already having a field day with him for his Tigger suit incident, and they just ran with this.  Wu announced on Monday that he would resign.  Well, not exactly.  He says he will resign when his term expires in 2012.  That's not resigning, that's just not seeking re-election.  D's are calling for an ethics investigation to pressure him to leave.  I will simply point to the picture above and ask, do you really think you can shame this guy into doing anything?

Well, they say you have to be nuts to run for public office, I guess there's your proof.
Tags: don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, let's talk about sex bay-bee!, politics, this ought to be interesting
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