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I'm A Working In The Coal Mine, Going Down Down

It appears the overtime situation at work has finally stabilized. This is the first time this week I haven't gotten out on time, and that was only for two hours. Yeppers, I'm happy.

It's apparently a slow news week (other than the debt ceiling debate, which is being covered quite well by others), and I decided to use the time to catch up on some of my creative work. Aside from a hiccup here or there, I haven't worked on anything art-wise since May (I don't count the Hannah Singer stories, since I work on those while I'm on break at work, so those are still moving forward).

Last night, I got all of the first issue of Red Riding Hood penciled and inked. 22 pages plus cover. I can't wait to show it off to my teacher this weekend and my fellow heads at Wizard World this year. I have printed out the script for the second issue and I'm going to start working on it. I don't want to pitch it until I have at least two issues in the can.

It occurs to me that, frankly, this year sucks. This is the lowest creative output I've done since I started this journey back in 2007. No Stress Puppy strips. Video Game Trader doesn't need my articles and hasn't contacted me. Frankly, I wonder if they are still in operation. The last issue I know of, the Sonic The Hedgehog issue, was last year, and they were already looking at a year's gap before the next issue would come out. Sound Waves is on hold right now. Quantum Redshift went nowhere (actually, I'm glad for that, I'd rather wait to see if I can make that a regular series, but that means further down the road). This year will saw Sound Waves #7 come out and will see the next Hannah Singer book this September. Other than that? Zilch.

I could focus and start getting things out, but I realize something – I've overextended myself creatively. I mean, I'm still getting new ideas that I want to make. Dwayne Biddix is in the middle of a move, so he won't be ready for anything until October. Safe Passage, I only have 1.5 issues scripted, I still need to do character sheets for four key characters in the series. And I have all these things that I started but didn't finish.

You have to understand that I hate just doing things and leaving them incomplete. It's part of what bugs me so much about The Supremacy. Anyone that sees it won't see the whole story, and all they'll have is what might have been. Plus, I hate leaving things unfinished. I hate the idea of creating series, story arcs, characters, just to see nothing come of them. It's wasted effort. The alternative is to just create something generic (I can roll off shoujo series while standing on my head), but then, not only do you lose interest, but publishers and readers will skip it because there's nothing special about it.

So I'm thinking the best thing for me to do is sell my manhood cheap and not release anything else this year. This will enable me to get things done and ready without worrying about blowing a bunch of deadlines. Even if they are just for my reference, I still beat myself up for not making them. Remember, compulsive overachiever and perfectionist. I should have Pepto Bismol on tap.

So, first order of business is Red Riding Hood. One issue penciled and inked, the second is started (I would love to have the first set piece for issue 2 finished by the ChicagoCon). Writing scripts is nothing, it's the art that takes time, so I know I'll have the other scripts finished in plenty of time. This way, when I move forward with Red, whether with a publisher or myself, I know it's all done and I can relax.

Once that's done? Safe Passage. That has sat in neutral for long enough. The style is more like Head Above Water, and I like the idea of doing something besides my usual cutesy stuff, if for no other reason than to show some range. That's also why I'm not even considering Tentoumushi until Safe Passage is done and out.

After that? Likely Sound Waves – How Spy I Am. I still want to do it, I still groove to the idea. It's a low priority because it's just a bit of fun, it isn't even part of regular Sound Waves continuity.

That still leaves things like Stress Puppy – Ars Gratia Artis, the Stress Puppy comic book that I wanted to do. And a gag comic I wanted to do for April Fools Day this year.

Man...can you see what I mean about overextending myself?!?

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