Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

If I See Paris Hilton Run For President, I'm Leaving The Country

People of a Democratic or liberal leaning like to bash Sarah Palin's ideas of being President in 2012.

Just about anyone with intelligence (like me) likes to bash Michele Bachmann's ideas of being President in 2012.

Folks, I think we can establish that, if either of them were to win, it wouldn't be the worst it could get.

Rosanne Barr is running for President.

No bullshit.  Oh, God, I wish it was bullshit....

Yeah.  Rosanne Barr.  Who, for a while, was saying she was the reincarnation of Hitler (which one do you think, smartass?) and posed for pictures putting cookies shaped like a Magem David in a gas oven.  Yeah.  That asshole.

You know what?  Let's just, for a moment, attempt to take this seriously and focus just on Barr's little screech speech above.  I was in college when the women's movement stopped being about empowerment and started being about how women are actually superior to men.  This includes the idea that, if women ran the world, there would be no wars because women are feeling creatures and men are savage animals (the Realist movement can kiss my fucking ass.  And since I'm a man and not a woman, that's not an emotional response but a reasoned one, so you dipshits have to take my conclusion seriously).  You still find the occasional New Ager who posits about some previously existing matriachal society from eons ago that ruled in peace.  Interesting thought, but there is absolutely no archeological evidence supporting that such a place existed.  And they've found fossil records suggesting (not proving, just suggesting, I don't want anyone to think I'm forcing my religious beliefs on anyone) that maybe there might be something to this Intelligent Design business after all.

I just hate the idea that men as just savages and that's it, and that if women were in charge, there'd be no problems.  Just as men can exhibit all the negative characteristics people traditionally make fun of women for (talking on the phone for hours, gossiping, vanity, pettiness, etc.), women can exhibit all the negative characteristics people traditionally make fun of men for.  Women can be violent.  They can be abusive.  It's the person, not the gender.  Statements like this are loaded because they heap all the blame on one gender and completely absolve the other with nothing to back it up other than the speaker's fantasy.  That is sexism, no matter who says it.  That is prejudice.  That is discrimination.  THAT IS WRONG!!!

The bright side is Barr no chance of gaining relevance from this.  This is someone on an ego trip and looking for volunteers to split the gas.  And the sooner she runs out, the better.
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