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Part of what's been hammering M$' profits is the R&D costs for Bing, M$' new search engine to compete with Google (the joke on the Internet is Bing is an acronym for, "Because it's not Google").  Bing was handled quickly after M$' attempt to buy Yahoo fell apart.  And for everything they pumped into it, Bing's share of the search engine market is unchanged from MSN's.

Now, M$ is trying to enter into a deal with Yahoo (it still has to be approved by regulators, and all the arguments M$ used to stop a nearly identical deal between Google and Yahoo are going to be used against them) where Yahoo lets its search engine go through Bing.  So Yahoo's search engine would be no more.

The stock market reacted to this by hammering Yahoo's stock, knocking it down 12.08 percent (Carol Bartz took over Yahoo after a shareholder revolt following M$ abandoning its plans to buy Yahoo.  Under her guidance, Yahoo stock climbed 42 percent since January until just now).  M$' stock rose 1.41 percent.  Next day, Yahoo lost another 4.62 percent, and M$ climbed 1.01 percent.  Steve Ballmer says he's surprised the market didn't react like it was the Second Coming because it's such a great deal.  In fact, the Yahoo shareholders have given a vote of "No confidence".  Tough crowd.

Part of the problem is that M$ and Yahoo are pretty much the only big players left from the Web 1.0 days and can't seem to change with the times.  So they are hoping to consolidate and disguise the erosion, thinking it will end after that.  Google's adaptability is running rings around them.

I've usually been happy with Yahoo's search engine, and haven't dealt much with Google's.  This goes through, I will never use Yahoo's search engine again.  M$ can eat me.


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Aug. 1st, 2009 02:56 am (UTC)
I got news for ya... I have already uninstalled the Yahoo toolbar from Firefox, and have started considering moving my free email to Gmail accounts. Due to Yahoo taking a wrecking ball to Geocities, I have already moved my website to Google.

You don't think that Yahoo is trying to run themselves out of business do you?
Aug. 1st, 2009 04:31 pm (UTC)
I forgot about the Yahoo toolbar. I never installed it myself because I never saw the point of it. I prefer my own bookmarks and such, and any extra toolbars (Google's as well) just seems like a waste of real estate on my screen.
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