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Well...That Went Better Than I Expected....

Ever since reading about Bronytoons and their efforts to make a Doctor Whooves fanime, I've had an idea for a Doctor Whooves story.  Yes, I know I swore off fan projects back in 2009, but it not only turns out I don't have as much to fear on a professional level if I play my cards right, but it might even be a help.  (Mere Smith writes and is a consulting producer on Claire King and Burn Notice.  She got her start writing for the TV show Angel.  Before that, she was a well regarded Buffy fanfic writer.)

My teacher, a longtime Whovian, caught me mentioning this in passing and oy, gevalt!  However, I don't want to do it as prose.  Part of the fun of FiM is the look and style and expression of the characters.  But the question is, can I draw the characters well enough to do justice and keep the momentum going instead of undermining it with my lack of talent?  Studying the designs, the positioning of the elements are unusual and a lot of work goes into getting everything positioned properly and proportioned right.

Well, here's the first two attempts.  I would like to point out that these are very much drawn freehand, the only parts I eyeballed are the details for the hair.

What do you think, sirs?
Tags: art, be attitude for gains, comic books, comics, doctor whooves, fandom wank, important life lessons, my little pony friendship is magic, original comic art, the crossover you've been waiting for, this ought to be interesting
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