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I would love to just ignore certain things. But when they become memes, well....

People can't resist goofing on goofy behavior. I was one of legions of people who riffed on Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, after all. It's like a little contest will spring up to see who can score the biggest laugh (IMHO, the winner was a guy who took the cover of the Taylor Swift biographical comic and photoshopped Kayne into the lower corner and said it was a special variant edition).

There's a problem, though. Everybody thinks they're funny. Not everyone is. And they will think just participating the massive goof on something is funny in and of itself. You have to DO something funny. For the most part, it was painful swimming through all the attempts to goof on Chris Crocker and his "Leave Britney alone" meme that he started. On the bright side, I stuck it out long enough, I got to see Seth Green's riotous take on it. If you are wondering why all you have to do is say "Seth Green" and "comedy" and I go, "I am so there!", it's because of things like that. And Robot Chicken. And The Italian Job. And the Dragon Quest commercial. And....

Well, the avalanche is about to start again, courtesy of Jim Carrey (winner, WTF Happened?!?, 1999 and on). Carrey recently posted a video blog professing his love and admiration for Emma Stone. Now, this has nothing to do with my feelings on Emma Stone. I just don't think she's sexy (for the record, I think she's too scrawny and her face looks like Uatu The Watcher. I'd say the chick needs to eat a Big Mac, but I suspect it would distend her stomach). First, it's a perceived age difference. I know that age is not necessarily a hurdle, but you are talking an actor whose image is well past maturity and an actress whose image is a teeny bopper. It's a little too American Beauty for my tastes. It doesn't help that Carrey comes across like a school kid hoping to get the attention of the prom queen.

It's one thing to admit to crushes and talk about how beautiful and sexy certain people are. Hell, I do it myself right here, admitting I crush out on Kylie Minogue and Jessica Alba. But somehow, making a declaration like Carrey did goes over the creep line. I think it has something to do with making intentions clear, that you aren't content to, no matter how much you admire from afar, you will leave alone. A video like Carrey made is actually reaching out to the person, contacting them, and carries a darker, sinister vibe than me talking about, say, how fresh and beautiful Alba looks on the cover of the new Lucky magazine. It's not desire, it's possession. I watched Carrey's video, and about the 0:30 mark, I wanted to call the cops.

Carrey says it was a joke. If so, it was a poorly executed joke. I may be biased, given that not only do we live in an era of unprecedented stalking, but I was nearly stalked myself. Things like this are not flattering. They are terrorizing, because the person doing it clearly sees nothing wrong with it and thinks they are harmless while making you want to grab a gun. Because you don't know if an innocent situation can spiral into a nightmare.

Okay, I'm calming down. This is supposed to be a post about memes, after all. So, people are starting to make videos goofing on this. So far, we have one genuinely funny goof in the form of Kathy Griffin. I used to think Griffin was a riot, but she lost her zip when she focused more on her D list celebrity status instead of the insanity of Hollywood itself. Still, she made a video professing her love of Justin Bieber ("There's a bit of an age difference. I'm...(long pause)...29."). There are good goofs and there are bad goofs. The good goofs use themselves to make a point (Sylvester The Fox and his "I am the lord of the dance") and the bad goofs are just everyone wanting to get into the act (the vast majority of your Chris Crocker riffs).

Just saying comedy is like sex. Be smart, be safe, and do it in a way that makes everyone happy they spent time with you.
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