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On A Wing And A Prayer -- Hannah Singer Book 2 Is Coming

As I write this, I have just submitted the files and am waiting for them to be approved then for me to order the proof. Fortunately, I have a lot more turnaround time than I did last time.

On A Wing And A Prayer, the second Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate collection, is on track for release on September 29. I should hear back in a day or two if the files are good. If so, it'll be time to order the proof, and then check it over for anything that needs to be fixed.

And then, the book releases.

Those of you who enjoyed the first book are probably wondering, What's in this one? Excellent question! This book has eight stories, 186 pages, over 87,000 words, once again from various points in Hannah's 700 year history as a Celestial Advocate. They are --

* ALTERED BOY -- Decades ago, Hannah led the first defense of a transsexual and not only got them into Heaven, but established a precedent that sex changes were not a mortal sin. Now, senior Church Jeff Fairchild thinks he has an angle to overturn the precedent, and he's going to use a very scared man as his pawn. Hannah has to think real fast to defend her client and the precedent.

* ARC ENEMIES -- Jumping back to the early days, in 1431. Hannah meets Joan Of Arc, and catches wind of a sinister plot by Victor Spire involving the Messenger Of God. Hannah has to unravel it quickly.

* DAY OF JUDGMENT -- In the first book, Hannah mentions the Churches tried to contest the existence of the Celestial Courts and lost badly. Want to know what happened? It's in here. Thomas Calvary seeks to argue to God Himself that the Celestial Courts should be dismantled. And God chooses Hannah to defend them.

* DEVIL MAY CARE -- It's Hannah's greatest challenge ever when Lucifer appears in court to argue for a soul to be Cast Down to him. With St. Michael preoccupied and no juniors she can trust, Hannah has to take on the Devil himself, all by herself.

* LIVE TO SERVE YOU -- A lower ranking Church manipulates circumstances so that he can Cast a slave from the pre-Civil War South who got mixed up in an uprising. His grounds are that the Bible says slaves are to serve their masters. He forces St. Michael and senior Church Henry Gallows out of the picture, and St. Michael retaliates by handing the case to Hannah. Hannah has to figure out a defense that doesn't undermine the Bible if she wants to save the soul.

* TWIST OF FATE -- (Those of you who read my original collection will recognize this as "Paradise Postponed".) A new Church, Jacob Palini, is contesting the petition of a squeaky clean guy who was murdered, and promises it's an argument that's never been tried before. It's a test of how fast Hannah can think on her feet as she gets ready to stare him down.

* BRING 'EM FAST, BRING 'EM YOUNG -- The Mormon church baptizes a Jew by proxy. Hannah not only decides to take the case, but she's going for a precedent that will disallow ALL Mormon baptisms by proxy. To do that, she not only has to face Fairchild, but also argue against the Mormon church itself.

* FULL COURT PRESS -- Fairchild has had enough of the Mormons, and moves to have the entire church decertified and unrecognized as an actual religion. Hannah, immediately after arguing against Mormons, now has to flip and defend them.

I'll let you know when things are set. Like the first book, this will be available on CreateSpace, Amazon, through Barnes & Noble, and just about any other avenue available. So get ready, September 29 is closing in....
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