Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Do Bee Do Bee Do

When I was in high school, one of my teachers played me a great novelty song from Australia about a guy who sits down on a toilet, gets bitten by a spider, and proceeds to buy various high caliber weapons and knives and stuff to exact revenge.

In Washington state, a man and his buddy were outside when the buddy was stung by a bee. They quickly located the beehive.

The man proceeded to dump gasoline on it and light it on fire.

The expansion of gas made the beehive explode loud enough to be heard throughout his neighborhood.

The men were uninjured. The tree was singed. And all the bees paid. Oh, how they paid.

Considering this is Washington state, where all kinds of fireworks are legal (as Seanbaby said, "the only thing you need to get a federal explosives license here is proof you're not wearing a turban"), I guess I should be glad he went with something sedate like gas and matches.

Everyone knows revenge is a dish best served cold. But they don't know they should also watch the portions.
Tags: did not do the research, don't try this at home, duh, stupidity
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