Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Now, I Think I Actually Do Need A Beer

Hello, Internets, and welcome to FIND THE FLAW!

“Hi everyone! Come join Dan DiDio at XXXXXX on Thursday 9/1 to celebrate the release of the New 52 titles and the work of the people who made it happen. We have booked the 3rd floor starting at 5:30pm. There will be a beer pong table and dart boards.”

This picture was supposedly taken at the shindig in question.

If you said, "That's not Beer Pong," congratulations! You found the flaw!

That is Beirut, not Beer Pong. Beer Pong is ping pong with beer mugs on the corners of the table. Beirut is like a grown-up's version of Bozo's Grand Prize Game. There is a difference. I know the difference, AND I DON'T EVEN DRINK, GODDAMMIT!!!

I'm waiting for some chucklefuck to call the Monkey Chug "Depth Charge." Jesus....
Tags: art, comic books, comics, did not do the research, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, i'll drink to that, important life lessons, lord hear our prayer, stupidity, wtf
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