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It's All About Connections

Mel Gibson got a secret annulment to his 29 year marriage to his wife Robyn, mother of his first seven kids and there for him when he was a nothing actor.  He wants to marry his current girlfriend on Christmas Day (and really, what could be more Christian than marrying your seriously pregnant mistress on the most holy of days, huh?).

If you are wondering how he got the annulment, yer gonna luuuuuv this.  His daddy did it.  From stupidcelebrities.net website:

"The tribunal was attended by loyal congregation members of Gibson’s private, independent church, the Holy Family Chapel in Malibu, about a month after Robyn filed for divorce.  Hutton Gibson presided over the hearing and granted his son’s annulment request after Mel presented “evidence” that the union was never a true marriage, even though he married Robyn in a Catholic ceremony in Australia in 1980.  Especially important was Mel’s description of how he felt pressured into the marriage in the first place because Robyn was pregnant,” maintained the family insider. “Those feelings indicated to Hutton that it couldn’t be a true marriage, and so he felt it must be invalid.  After the discussion ended, Hutton pounded his fist on the table and said, ‘It is clear that this union did not have what it takes to be a true marriage!’”  The annulment is being kept secret, but Mel hopes that some of the Bishops he has recently befriended can be persuaded to give him an official Catholic annulment.”
Dooooooooooooooooouche.  Bag.

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