Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

No, This Isn't Wrong, Just Unusual. Check Out FurAffinity If You Want To See REALLY Wrong.

Everyone has tried or played tabletop RPG's at one time or another.  Dungeons And Dragons, of course, is the granddaddy of them all.  I tried the Pokemon Jr. one (I was better off as a GM than a player in that one).

There's an RPG called Savage Worlds that is what AD&D used to be before they changed the D20 license.

And someone has done something...interesting with it.

If you like RPG's and want to try something different, this fellow has created a sourcebook for The Savage Worlds Of My Little Pony -- Friendship Is Magic.  It's 66 pages and apparently works just fine within the Savage Worlds game framework.  Available as a free .pdf.
Tags: art, fandom wank, my little pony friendship is magic, punk as phuck, the crossover you've been waiting for, things that make you go hmm, this ought to be interesting
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