Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Is There ANY Innocence Left In The World?

A while ago, my online buddy Rocket Racoon contacted me.  Rocket is a furry, but he's one of the cool furries.  He has a sense of perspective, he doesn't get butthurt over the slightest thing, he genuinely enjoys anthro art, it's not just the X rated material, and he has a variety of interests and can be fun to talk with on a variety of subjects, his personality defines him not the subculture.  In other words, he's different from about 99% of the furries out there.

Rocket had sent me a link to an auction and warned me to be careful, it could potentially break my mind.  I clicked the link, and it was for a stuffed toy Sally Acorn.  Sally Acorn was a character on the American Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon show and comic books from the 90's.  The listing mentioned this was a fan made plushie and had about a dozen pictures of the plushie.  As I started scrolling down and looking at the pictures, I thought, that's actually pretty good.  Looks real professional.  Looks just like the character...

...and then I got to the pictures that showed the plushie had been engineered to include an SPH, or "sexual pleasure hole."  Yes, this guy made a plushie of a character from a kids' cartoon so that guys could have sex with it.

Now, this is actually old hat, I had heard of furries either buying plushies and "modifying" them themselves or even just using them as they are, such as with a Meeko the racoon plushie released at the time of the Disney Pochahontas movie.  But there was just something especially disturbing about that.

Cut to today.  I had shopping to do, and so does my teacher, so I pick her up so we can run our errands and hang out like old friends do.  We went to Target because Target has entered a special deal with Hasbro for My Little Pony merch.  They have an endcap that declares, Welcome To Canterlot and has all sorts of Target exclusive stuff.  Her grandniece is going to have a very merry Christmas.  There's a comforter and playsets and one of those tent-like playhouses and...oh, my God!  A Twilight plushie.  It's a pretty good size, too.  I love cute, and couldn't wait to check it out.  And as the two of us squeed over it....

...I remembered the furries.

"What?" she asked me.

You don't want to know, I told her.

I just know some of these things are being bought up for very questionable reasons.  And it really really squicks me out.

Tags: destroying childhood memories, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, let's talk about sex bay-bee!, my little pony friendship is magic, nightmare fuel, wtf

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