Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Stress Puppy Reprise -- Java Development #6

For those who don't know (which turned out to be quite a few based on the emails when the strip first ran), "spich" is a schoolyard word that basically means, "that is soooooooo fucked up."  I should have picked another word to make the joke flow better.

Also, the whole set-up pretty much told me the average age of my readers.  Not many from the generation after me are going to get that the strip is basically one big goof on the old Sanka commercials.  Which is too bad, because the first panel is still makes me laugh.  There were plenty of parodies (one even popped up on Police Squad!), but I don't think anyone depicted someone's jumpiness the way I did.
Tags: art, comics, original comic art, stress puppy
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