Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

I'm actually forcing myself to stop now.

My legendary impatience is kicking in again.  After the reaction of people at CECE this weekend, I'm putting a fire under Red Riding Hood.  Because of the random nature of overtime at work, I never know when I'll have spare time.  The last thing I want is to successfully pitch this series, get a deal in place, then blow the deadline because work wore me out.

This means that I will not pitch until all four issues are done and in the can.  Now, I was already going to do this.  But now, I'm starting to want to spend every spare moment that I can.  I want to get this done and out there as soon as possible.  There were a couple of gags that I wasn't sure how they would go over.  Not only did they work, but they got huge laughs.  I honestly feel like I could have a winner here, something that gets a publisher to say, "Yeah, we'll run with it."

Of course, if they don't, I'll just self publish it.  But this, I think, has an excellent shot of getting through to someone.  I mean, everyone keeps saying they don't want superheroes anymore.  Well, here's something that not only isn't superhero, but it's genuinely funny.  Red Riding Hood just might beat the odds.

The first stops on the train are Slave Labor, Shadowline, Image, and Antarctic.  But I have to make my goal of all issues finished first.

What does this mean for my creative output?  Well, I have a shitload of Hannah Singer stories done, so I could literally write nothing for a couple of years and still pump out two more books (not that that is going to happen, but you know what I mean).  Sound Waves is still on hold until next year.  The only other project I'm really working on is Doctor Whooves.  That's a fan comic.  That can wait.  It has to.  I was going back and forth about Red Riding Hood and whether or not this would work.

Joe Robinson Currie thinks it's a riot.

Larry Elmore was laughing so hard, he almost cried.

Connie Persampieri thought it was awesome.

Test readers laugh.

It's working.

So it's time to kick this derp into overdrive.  Sorry, pony fans, but this one just moved to the front of the line.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, doctor whooves, hannah singer, my little pony friendship is magic, red riding hood, sound waves, this ought to be interesting
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