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Good Thing I've Got Some BAT CIGARETTES In My Utility Belt

It was with some surprise that I found out that fanfic writers can actually go on to bigger and better things, like actually joining the writing staff of Angel.

Or, apparently, being hired by DC.

Catwoman #1 is out today.  And the last few pages of the book feature Batman and Catwoman in costume locking crotches and swapping gravy.

I, as the saying goes, shit you not.

I don't know if this is supposed to be erotic.  I keep getting hung up on the bare foot towards the middle of the last page.  Whose is that?  Or did Liefeld pick up another book?

Moebius wrote and drew a Batman story that was an S&M scene with him and the Joker.  DC refused to publish it.  Guess it was just ahead of its time.

We already know Batman doesn't pack condoms in his utility belt.  Not only Damian Wayne, but longtime readers like me have long believed Dick Grayson was actually Bruce Wayne's kid.

I guess it's just surprising to see a reversal like this.  Comic publishers deny deny deny there is anything sexual about their comics, even as adult film companies make "spoofs" involving the characters and there is more Rule 34 out there than there are cat macros.  To see a publisher basically turn fanon into canon like this is a bit odd.

Then again, Jim Lee is co-publisher.  When his Wildstorm line-up launched at Image, his books were known for unabashed sexuality, with characters constantly hitting on each other and suggestions about enhancements to their anatomy.  Caitlin Fairchild is not a fan favorite because of her leadership, you know.

DC said this was a chance for readers to experience the characters as never before.  Never realized how loaded that statement was until now.
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