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Image Is Everything

Special cheap publicity stunt alternate gimmick covers are continuing.

And I've decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Marvel has discovered the difference between "selling comics to readers" and "selling comics to stores".  They recently did another custom cover job for The Amazing Spider-Man.  They are hip deep in a story called Spider Island, where everyone in Manhattan gets spider powers.  I know.  How original.  Makes me wish Brand New Day hadn't happened yet, because if any story deserves to get wiped from continuity....sorry.  Forgot what I was doing.  The cover of Amazing Fantasy, the first appearance of Spider-Man, has the iconic image of him swinging up from buildings, webbing in his left hand and carrying some shmuck in his right.  It's been aped by a kajillion comic covers.  Even Marvel goofs on it, with Deadpool doing a goof on it.  So they did one for ASM 669, where you could get your face on the cover doing the swing.  Here's the layout image.  To qualify for it, you had to order the same amount of the regular ASM 669 as you did for ASM 668, plus an additional 2,000 copies of the "You're Spider-Man" variant edition.  Yes.  2K.  A 2 with three zeroes after it.

That's an awful lot of money to be putting down.  Conservative estimates were somewhere in the $4,000 range just to get your mug on a comic cover.  And don't forget, ASM 666 was the one with the two special "Put your comic store on the cover!" issue, and that had an insane cash outlay as well.  Not even three months later (and, interestingly, just before the books arrived and market interest in this could be determined) and here they go again.

(I point out with some interest that this cover assumes the participant will be male.  I'm not crying sexism, I just think it would be funny to watch the PR machine spaz out if the situation occured.  Besides, check out the build on that body.  Not exactly complimentary that this is what they envision the average comic reader to resemble.)

So, I'm guessing enough people ponied up the dough that Marvel is announcing their next big one.  Marvel is readying Avengers -- The X Sanction.  In it, Cable comes back in time to wipe the Avengers out of history.  And they are doing another special "we'll do it if you make it worth our while" cover for it.  I'm guessing the "put your face on the cover" thing was a little too much, because it's back to a picture of the comic store on the cover.  Well, two covers, one by Bryan Hitch, and the other by Carlo Pagulayan.  Retailers will either have to choose between them or really pay through the nose.  And I mean it.  To get it, retailers need to order the same amount of the regular issue that they did for Fear Itself #7, then order an additional 500 copies of the variant.  At least the numbers are lower.  Or maybe they just realize that Cable isn't the iconic seller that Spider-Man is.

So, here's my idea.

I thought about making a special variant edition of Sound Waves where you can have yourself drawn as a mermaid on the cover.  Then I thought about drawing Mornblade as a mermaid.  After that nice man in the white coat removed those metal paddle thingies from my chest, I rejected the idea.  But one less likely to give me nightmares ties into my plans for Doctor Whooves.  So, how's this for an idea?  Order the same number of copies of Doctor Whooves #1 that you did for Sound Waves #1 (for just about everybody, that's one issue) and order a copy of the variant, and the variant will have you pony-fied.  As in, I will take a picture of you and a description of whatever hobby or characteristic defines you, and make a pony out of it to appear on the cover!  You won't have to pay me much to....

* knock knock *

BRB.  Lawyers.
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