Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

How Many Times Do I Have To Flush Before You Go Away?

Rick Olney is being a bastard again.

Last we heard from the Rickster, he had organized the Adironack Comic Fest with some names, including Matt Busch.  Busch had gotten permission from LucasFilm to make a map showing the world and Indiana Jones' adventures around it.  It was a true labor of love, and the money from the sales was to go to Disabled American Veterans.

Then, word got out about what a slimy little shit Olney is and everyone bailed.  DAV asked Olney not to associate their name with him in any way.  Olney pulled the plug on the con.

Busch started asking about the return of the maps that had been printed up.  No response.  When Busch made his questions public, Olney responded, "“Well, I had asked you nicely not to take that step. And, because you’re so inclined I’ll share with you that I intend on burning your maps tomorrow. I’m all done being manipulated. You think embarrassing me is a game. Lets see how you like learning a lesson.”

"Manipulating."  "Embarrassing."  "Learning a lesson."  You got a lot of balls, Olney.

Well, I only THOUGHT Olney had a lot of balls.  Now, he's actually showing everybody.  Olney is saying he is selling the maps himself for $59.95.  Payments are only made by money order, no PayPal or anything else that can be legally shut down or with a clear trail.  He claims the money he gets will go to a veterans charity (he has not said which one if any) and anything unsold will go back to Busch.

Please note that neither Busch nor LucasFilm has given the okay for these maps to be sold in any capacity.

Let the buyer beware.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, infernal gall
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