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Brokedown Palace

Before I go any further, let's first talk about playing pretend.

Kids will pretend they are something.  Some will pretend they are dogs because they like dogs so much, for example.  It doesn't change what they are, and it doesn't fool anyone.  And eventually, reality sets in and they realize that, just because they say they are something, it doesn't mean they really are.

But as we get older, our brains develop additional functions, including ones that make self-delusion even more potent.  Look to Hollywood for people who exist in a public make-believe.  They say they are whatever, despite behavior that contradicts it.  Jenna Jameson, who is a porn star, divorced, and having a baby out of wedlock, says she's a good Catholic girl.  Heidi from The Hills maintains she's a good Christian girl, despite making her living as a TV stereotype, posing for Playboy, and generally acting like a spoiled brat.  And leave us not forget Michael Jackson, whose death has seemingly absolved him of the behavior everyone was hammering him for.  Actions are supposed to speak louder than words.  But you have people, nay, a society, dedicated to stating an identity and expecting everyone to accept that identity and relate to the person in terms of that identity, regardless of whatever they are doing that proves this "identity" is a mask and nothing more.

Obama held a town hall meeting where he addressed questions about his health plan, calling on all us critics to stop our "scare tactics."  However, it's been reported that Obama stocked the town hall meeting with supporters, freezing out the contrary points of view.  Reporters were surprised that the tone of Obama's meeting was less controversial than, say, Arlen Spector's.  I'm not.

What exactly is happening?  I can sum it up simply -- the D's reach has exceeded their grasp.  Figuring they had both houses and the Presidency, the D's started pushing their agenda, one borne of their personal beliefs instead of the will of the people.  First, the bailout that had to be passed without review or checks and balances.  People want hard answers to their questions about the health plan.

But the D's are doing everything they can to try to disguise their utter disregard for the will of the people.  It would be one thing if they were trying to do something that is ultimately good for the country, like when Truman desegregated the armed forces.  That is leadership.  The health plan is a personal agenda at the behest of the drug companies.  Instead of addressing concerns, Obama and his crew are trying to present a public display that everyone is behind this idea and getting it passed is not disregard for the voters.  And they are doing it by stacking the deck, friendly interviews with friendly news sources, plants in the audience, doing everything they can to say they are following the will of the people, you can see it right there.  All the while, trying to sweep the mounting protests under the rug.

The kick is, these protests are being done by people who are connecting on the Internet, but were introduced to the Internet.  It didn't exist all their lives.  Can you imagine what will happen when the Digital Generation becomes old enough to vote next year?

So we have Pelosi saying that critics of the health plan are unAmerican because they are trying to drown out a point of view they disagree with (given some of her tactics over the years, that takes a lot of nerve).  Obama and Pelosi are promising to get this done come Hell or high water.  And the plan is just too sweeping.  When the plans are little, no one pays attention.  But this is too big to be ignored, and they are desperately trying to keep everyone from noticing the elephant in the room.  Had the health plan been more modest, they probably could have passed it, and then others, until their objectives were met since the changes were gradual, like a frog in a pot of water.  Instead, by doing it all at once, they guaranteed opposition.

The health plan "debate" is simply Indian poker.  You can't bluff anyone but yourself.  And the other players are looking at Obama and Congress and know they have a losing hand and are trying to bluff the money away from them.  But this time, the spin isn't working.  The little displays to convince and redirect and, dare I say, brainwash, are failing.  Reality is starting to intrude, and denial will not make it go away.
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