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Peter G

The Pendulum Swings

On Saturday, I'm hanging with my teacher and checking in on emails and some of the various boards and communities I take part in.  I know of at least two people who are refusing to pitch anything to DC anymore because of the whole Starfire debacle.  People are still yelling at DC.  My teacher wants to know what's going on.  I explain it to her and let her read the messages.

"This is a good thing," she said.


"Look deeper.  You will see."

It took me a long time to see what she was getting at.  And now, I got it.  And she's right -- it is a good thing, and could bode well for the future.

To explain why this is a good thing, we need to take a detour.  Damn near every message board has a pony thread for posting My Little Pony -- Friendship Is Magic macros.  Those that don't put it in their TOS that they can bounce you if you post them.

Well, there is a message board dedicated to furries that decided to start a pony thread.  Obviously, everyone there was into the show.  And then, some of them started posting porn of the characters.  The majority of the board started demanding the mods create a separate thread for the porn so that, if they didn't want to see that stuff, they could avoid it.

Now, keep in mind furry is not a subculture like it was in the black and white boom where it was just being a fan of anthros or funny animals.  It is now a sexualized lifestyle.  There are people who will get upset if something features anthros but no sex (the complaint letters I got from furries about Stress Puppy, for example).  A furry FAQ has the writer opining he doesn't like it when furry artists ignore the sexual aspect of furry.  Anyone who doubts furry is known more for sexual fetish than anything else, I will simply point out the periodic attempts to create non-erotic furry venues like Yerf.  Name one other subculture where people are desperate to assert they aren't kinky.

And yet, in this sexual fetish subculture, people were upset over the corrupting sexuality of these beloved characters.  The very last group you would expect to object to this rebelled.

And so it is with comics.

For ages, people have accepted that comics are a male dominated medium.  Any attempt to make stuff for women or that could be enjoyed without being hypersexualized was pretty much an afterthought.

Now, people are so upset about what publishers feel is acceptable, what people are buying, what people who could delight in this wonderful storytelling medium are being chased away, that they are not being quiet anymore.

The next thing that will happen is people will start creating comics eschewing the blatant sexism and trying to tell legit stories.  It'll be hard, the indie field is nearly dead.  But the demand is there.  The desire of creators is there.  And all it will take is getting the ball rolling....

"Make your choices, no escape.  Add your voice, the chant has begun."  There's a revolution coming.  Where do I sign up?
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