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Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

This is Peter G.

Peter G hates the world and looks forward to the release of sweet, sweet death.

What makes him feel like this?

Cities like Topeka, Kansas, which just repealed its misdemeanor domestic battery law to save budget money.

The Topeka City Council has been arguing over city and county budgets for a while, and the domestic abuse law became a bargaining chip.  It started about a month ago with Shawnee County prosecutor Chad Taylor.  Taylor said that, because his office's budget had been cut by 10%, he could no longer afford to misdemeanors.  According to a spokesperson for the office, half of Shawnee County's misdemeanors are domestic assault cases, and prosecutions for da have increased over the last three years, but there has been no extra funding for this.

What would people do?  Taylor pointed out that Topeka has its own misdeanor da law.  They just don't bother to enforce it, they let the county handle it.  Now, Topeka will have to do it.

The Topeka City Council said they don't have the money to do it, either.  So they took a vote Tuesday, and by 7-3, they rescinded the city da law.  Da is still a misdemeanor as far as state law goes, and the county prosecutor will now have to handle those cases because he has to enforce state law.

Wednesday, Taylor grudgingly announced he would prosecute domestic abuse cases again.  "Effective immediately my office will commence the review and filing of misdemeanors decriminalized by the City of Topeka.  My office now retains sole authority to prosecute domestic battery misdemeanors and will take on this responsibility so as to better protect and serve our community. We will do so with less staff, less resources, and severe constraints on our ability to effectively
seek justice."  Everybody puke on three!  One two BLEAAAAAAAGH!!!

I would like to point out that, according to local media, a man has twice been arrested and released on da charges in the past month since this stupidity began.

I constantly bemoan how politicians see us as a resource for their own use, that they are separate from us, and they don't have to consider the ramifications of their actions, it's simply up to us to obey the law.  I can't remember the last time I saw it spelled out so clearly.
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