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Page one:  my mother once told me that a person can kick a heroin addiction in three weeks.  She knew this because she saw it on Starsky And Hutch.

She tends to do this, citing facts from movies and TV shows while I want to go, "We're talking about fictional characters here.  Fictional.  Characters.  Am I getting through to you at all?"

So, yesterday, my mom asks why it is taking so long for my dad's blood work to get done (three days) when they can get it in a couple of hours on NCIS.  I mention to my mom that NCIS does tend to economize with the realism in order to keep the plot moving.  Every show, every movie, every book, does it.  It's called dramatic license.

Mom relates the discussion to my dad this morning.  My dad, whose fannish devotion to NCIS rivals that of a Trekkie.

So he asks me what flaws there are on NCIS.

I don't need this shit, so I tell him I can't think of any off the top of my head.

"Every show has unrealistic flaws."

I know.

"I'll bet your favorite show has something unrealistic about it."

Two responses zip through my head:

1)  You mean, in real life, background music doesn't just start playing at different points and events?

2)  My current favorite show is about a bunch of candy-colored ponies.  That talk.  And fly.  And do magic.  Nope, seems perfectly realistic to me.

Kept my mouth shut.  Like I said, I don't need this shit.


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Oct. 14th, 2011 03:21 am (UTC)
He became awfully defensive about about the unrealistic timing of a TV show. And as for your mom, let's see, why is it taking more than 3 days to get results back for a blood test when Abby and Major Maspec can do it in two hours? Well, Abby is focusing on one single blood test. The lab that is doing your dad's test is working on hundreds, if not thousands.

Besides... Didn't clashing reality and fiction play the part of the episode where McGee's biggest fan nearly killed Abby because he couldn't separate the book from the real world. I think you parents need to sit down and watch that episode a few times.
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