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Razing Cain

"Hello, and welcome to Capitol Gains, the show you watch when you want REAL analysis.  With us today is our resident political expert, Peter G."

Thank you for having me, it's always great to be here.

"You're welcome.  Enjoy your tea.  So, Peter, when are you going to pick on Herman Cain?"

Actually, I wasn't even thinking about it.

"Oh, come on.  Really?"

Yes, really.  Cain's chances of winning the R nomination are approximately zilch.

"He's doing pretty good in straw polls."

Straw polls don't mean anything other than bragging rights.  The GOP wants an insider, one of their own, a career politician from their old boy network.  Michele Bachmann's presence is tolerated because they see her flaming out.  Why push her when she'll jump, probably as soon as the actual primaries start?  Ron Paul?  The media the GOP is complicit with is marginalizing him.  He's going for voters who think and care, and they are in the minority.  Most of your voters just know immediate reactions and turn races into referendums on those currently in charge.  There are always more who go by the dichotomy than actually weigh the issues.

"So what does that have to do with Cain?"

Cain has two things standing in his way.  On their own, they are insurmountable.  Together?  No.  The first is the support he's getting from small and middle businessmen.  That's pretty much the only group that's vocal about him.  He won't get the campaign contributions Romney or Perry will get from big business.  He won't get support from regular voters because they want someone they can unite behind, where there can be strength in their numbers, and that will be Romney or Perry.  Cain is like a ladyfinger firecracker -- noise but not much else.

"What's the second thing standing in Cain's way?"

The GOP itself.  Like I said, they want one of their own.  Cain's numbers in the nationwide polls are too variable.  If they stabilize and he's on top, the GOP will unite behind a single candidate and give him all their support if for no other reason than to force Cain out.  They'll never let him represent them.  Remember, they threw McCain under the bus last election for one of two reasons:  either 1) they didn't like his plans to tighten government spending for pork programs or 2) the figured the Obama juggernaut was too big to stop last time and decided to gamble that he would be easier to defeat this time.  I used to think the first, but given Ron Steele spent all their money, leaving them in the clutch, I'm leaning towards the latter.  No matter their reasons, though, the GOP knows they can't afford to sit out another Presidential election.  They want someone who is obviously Obama's opposite to get the most votes, to motivate people to come to their side.  Cain doesn't have that.  And then there's the fact that people are loving the Occupy Wall Street protests and Cain is insulting them.

"Oh, really?"

You didn't hear about that?  Cain says the OWS protesters are just a bunch of lazy bums who aren't willing to work like the Wall Streets.  "If you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself.  It's not someone's fault because they succeeded.  It is someone's fault if they fail."  He added a little shot that he wasn't raised to be envious of the rich.  Cain overlooks that people aren't lazy, they just don't have opportunity.  I'm out there busting my butt to sell my comics, but the situation is stacked against me so only those grandfathered in with money have access to the market.  Same principle applies.  You are talking about people who went to college (amassing huge debt, since only those who get full ride scholarships can afford a degree) and the jobs just aren't there.  The only secure jobs are acquired by those in charge approving of you, not because of your qualifications.  Unemployment is high.  That's unemployment for everyone, whites as well as blacks.  Remember, Cain had access to all sorts of perks through minority loans, scholarships, and business networking, that most everyone, black or white, can't get a hold of for various reasons, like not being below the poverty line.  Ever wonder why they don't set the line very high?  That's why -- help is there, but too bad you can't have it, hee hee.

"Well, that should keep him out of the White House."

I wonder if Cain will blame God for falling out?

"Would he?"

Cain said he's running for President because God told him to.


He said God told him to run, but Cain, like Moses (and that's Cain's comparison, not mine), felt he wasn't the right one to lead the people and God should find someone more worthy, but God kept bugging him until he changed his mind and started running for President.

"He's actually comparing himself to Moses?"

Comparing himself to Jesus would be seen as blasphemy by people in the Bible Belt, and he knows he needs their support to win the election.  Moses is the safer bet.

"Wow.  Talk about unwarranted self-importance."

What do you expect from the architect of the 9-9-9....


Thank you.  Plan that Cain advances?  It won't being in enough revenue.  If you apply the plan to the 2010 budget, it would have brought in $2 tril dollars, $200 bil less than what the current system did.  Apply it to 2007 before everyone noticed the Recession, and the plan would have brought in $1.3 tril.  The system collected over twice that.  Not to mention the political sleight of hand going on.

"What sleight of hand?"

Cain's proposal for a national sales tax is already in place.  It's called a Value Added Tax.  VAT's are considered part of the cost of manufacturing, so it's already in the price of whatever you buy.  That means that VAT's can be raised without anyone seeing it, all they know is they are paying more for something that used to be cheaper, they don't know why.  It's an easy way for politicians to squeeze more money from people without them knowing.  Plus, because it will eliminate tax exemptions for a lot of things like medical expenses and things small and medium businesses can write off, it will basically be a tax INCREASE for them.

"And they think he's a friend of theirs and understands them?"

Cain doesn't understand dick.  He wants to change the Constitution.

"Wait, I didn't hear about this.  What do you mean, 'change the Constitution?'"

Part of his plan is for 9-9-9 to require a supermajority, 2/3rd vote, to be rescinded.  That is AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION.  It would require a Constitutional amendment to be allowed or the Supreme Court would toss out 9-9-9.  Congress can't agree on a budget.  Do you really think they'll allow a Constitutional amendment that can be easily abused?  Fighting it will make them heroes and guarantee re-election.  Cain understands marketing, as the buzz surrounding 9-9-9 proves.  But he doesn't know dick about politics, budgets, or anything that a President should know.

"Wow.  No one will let him win."

He gets the R nomination, Obama's supporters can brand him as a sell-out and Obama wins in a walk.  The R's are finally back under party control now that Palin is no longer a viable option, they aren't about to let it slip out of their grip again.  Cain is finished, he just isn't acting like it yet.

"Well, thank you for being here again, Peter.  Have some extra tea on us."

Already filled up a water jug with it, thanks.
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