Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Whedon And Dealin'

You are now entering a Lindsay Lohan-free zone.

For those of you wondering why George Lucas doesn't have the cache with the nerds that he used to have and Joss Whedon does, it's because of things like this.

Whedon has been hip deep in shooting next summer's The Avengers movie.  And yet, he found time to do principal photography on another movie.  In the traditions of Chicago experimental theater, Whedon has done a modern update of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.  Whedon is a Shakespeare nut, apparently peppering his DVD commentaries with it and talking about it in interviews.  (Me, too.  Hey, you don't have to be a snob to appreciate the Bard, you know.)

This is why Whedon has the nerds' love.  Lucas' days of doing things that are different are long behind him.  Coming up with things like Twice Upon A Time?  Nah.  Why do that when he can reheat and rerelease Star Wars yet again?  Whedon, however, has no problem trying something new.  Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.  Hush from BTVS.  And now, a reinterpretation of Shakespeare.

I'm not much of a Whedon nut, but I have to admit, I am really interested in this.
Tags: art, punk as phuck, this ought to be interesting
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