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K-9 Says, "Insufficient Data"

You are now entering a Lindsay Lohan/Kim Kardashian-free zone.

There's an old Polish proverb that says, "A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent."  Please keep this in mind as you read this entry.  Everybody still with me so far?  That's good!

The web site Politico likes to make the news instead of just reporting it.  And they have made a report that leaves out waaaaaaaay too much information.

The bullet points:  Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment in the 1990's when he was President of the National Restaurant Association.  At least two women received five figure separation packages and signed NDA's.  Now, I want to point out the "at least two women" portion.  Politico ran this report with very little actual information.  "At least two women," so the actual number is unknown.  No names given.  No details of the separation packages other than the $XX,XXX and the NDA's.  Cain claims it was some banter that went too far and the NRA paid the women to go away.

Now, anyone reading this blog since the campaign season started knows I hate Herman Cain.  However, that does not mean I support what smells suspiciously like a hatchet job.  Politico released NO information whatsoever.  Cain is the only one providing any context.  Do I believe him?  No.  Then again, I don't believe a political blog that could be being taken advantage of by competing politicians.  Before I say whether or not I believe Cain, I need to know more.  And Cain is not in a position to say much.  No doubt, if the organization settled and not Cain, he likely signed an NDA, too.  That means he can't provide any real information or he will violate the NDA or be accused of character assassination.

Analysis doesn't provide many clues.  Art Bell has more on Atlantis than we have on this.  If this happened early after the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings, this could be explosive.  1992 was being bandied about by political wonks as "The Year Of The Woman".  Businesses struggled to understand what the rules were, what they could say and what they couldn't say.  Before, there were questions, but they were usually just discussed internally.  Anita Hill forced it into the public arena, and movies like the hamhanded and exploitational Disclosure didn't help.  And yet, despite a changing tide that actually saw sexual harassment being taken seriously, these 2+ women settled for only five figures.  Not at least five figures, five figures.


Was it because they didn't really have anything really big and this was just to get them out of the NRA's hair?

Or did the NRA dig up some dirt on them and say, "This is what you'll get, take it or we drag your personal lives into the press?"

Politico has it in their power to end this.  All they have to do is stop the teasing and give some facts that can be checked out.  If Cain really did sexually harass those women, then yes, he's an asshole.  But Politico's pussy footing around is disingenuous at best and character assassination at worst.

Until more facts that can be checked out come to light, here's my theory:

The Republicans want Perry for their nominee, not Romney and not Cain.  So they set their fact checkers to look.  They found dirt they could use to undermine Romney (the health care for illegals) and found this on Cain.  So one of their underlings gives it to a friend who doesn't work for the R's but is friends with some intern at Politico.  He sends the info to Politico.  The intern realizes he has a feather waiting for his cap and gets it to the staff.  The staff reveals just enough to get people outraged but nothing more, leaving Cain to worry what he can and can't reveal to save his campaign.

Do I have any proof?  No.

But I defy to say that, in your heart, you honestly believe no political party would ever pull a number like this.

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