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Switching Channels

Reality TV is one of those things I have never really gotten into.  Usually, when I do, there's some sort of brain going on there (MythBusters, Junkyard Wars, Battlebots).  The most successful reality shows, however, take their cues from soap operas.  You take a person and refashion them as some larger-than-life archetype that people will watch just to see what outlandish thing happens to them next.  Anna Nicole.  Paris Hilton.

The Kardashian Klones.

I know, I've been bragging since Monday that this was a Kardashian-free zone.  And I've never liked the Kardashians (one of the funniest jokes I read that month was by Seanbaby.  Talking about all the bad video games he's played, he wrote, "My Nintendo DS provides a home to more useless wastes of space than Bruce Jenner").  But the reaction to the Kardashian divorce is getting lively.  When Kim Tweeted that she was getting divorced, almost all of the initial 2,500 responses were asking if it was a publicity stunt?

Kim and her mother/manager Whatshername appealed on a daytime talkshow today.  The mom talked about how difficult it was to live this out in the public eye.  Then, mom made sure to mention she has a new book out this week and Kim mentioned she has a new store opening in New York this week be sure to come by and say hi.

People are...outraged?  Really?

It seems fans have been digging for clues.  Apparently, Kim said at the start of the new season she was thinking of casting a boyfriend for the current season.  Suddenly, this guy shows up.  After the marriage, he says he didn't know he was her second husband (Duuuuuuh, what's a "wikipedia?").  A $10 mil wedding that E!, the network showing the Kardashians' shows, is pleading with people to believe they didn't set it up.  The network is trying to get people to believe they didn't participate in a quickie wedding as a ratings stunt.  The mom was saying they didn't make any money on the wedding.  When she basically got a, "Bitch, please!" she said they did get money but they already spent it.

I'm wondering if people are finally realizing the role they play in the Kardashian lives, and that their interests and discussions are being manipulated expertly by these people.  That all the soap opera discussions they've been having, all the wondering what will happen next episode, is nothing more than them being cogs in their machine.

I'm very curious what the ratings will be.  We may be on the verge of the Kardashian juggernaut finally dying out.
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