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Does That Make This A Maxi-Series?

Big family gathering today, and I'm just looking to kill some time before my whole day vanishes.  So I put some finishing touches on the current script for Sound Waves that I'm working on.

One of the drawbacks to self-publishing is you have to be your own editor.  I've been weeding out story ideas that I don't think could sustain a whole issue (which is sad when you consider each issue is only 16 pages).  Among those I've tossed is one where Rhapsody meets the Flying Dutchman and one where Marina's ex-boyfriend (you'll meet her in #3) comes around.  I have up to #8 written, and I just finished up the art for #4.

When all is said and done, it looks like the series will run somewhere between 12 and 14 issues, and then it will end.

Not that I'm complaining.  It's supposed to be a quiet little series, and nothing says I can't come up with another story or two in the meantime.  In fact, it's surprising to me that I have this much material.  I was originally shocked when I had five stories to tell.  Thinking about the mermaid culture I created produced a few more stories, more than I anticipated.  All in all, it will leave the series with a pretty nice page count when it's done.

Part of what concerns me is the future direction of some of the stories.  #12 introduces a new element that is hinted at here and there.  And I worry that, continuing from that point, will turn the series into a solid adventure series instead of this quiet little pocket.

All you fans, rest assured, though.  I will be ending it in a way that means that, should I get more stories or a new twist and decide to revive the series, I can at a later date.

I love writing and drawing Rhapsody and Melody.  It would be a shame if I, the first line defense of the characters, were to make them into something they're not supposed to be.
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