Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Valiant is apparently still getting their shit together in preparation for the relaunch next year.

And what do companies do to drum up interest?


Someone is supposedly taking pictures inside Valiant HQ and posting them to an "anonymous" Tumbler account.  The reason I put anonymous in quotes is because of this picture:

Peek a boo!  That is more than enough to identify someone you work with every day.  And it has to be someone they work with.  That ain't a janitor in that suit.

It's another covert publicity stunt.  Ooo, this is top secret!  My proof that this is a ruse is in this picture:

I defy anyone who is an avid reader researching something they are creating to have a stack of books that neatly organized and that consistent in their subject matter.  Books are only that organized on a bookshelf, not just stacked in a reading pile.

I will say this much -- I like the desks.  I firmly believe that you can get a good indicator of a start up business by their desks.  These are very basic, straight from Office Max.  The only step down is army surplus.  If they had ornate desks, I would be questioning where their priorities lie.  But the desks suggest they are facing the right direction before they start.

Now, even though Valiant is relaunching and I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by their offerings, I do wish them well (no, it has nothing to do with them almost being my first professionally published credit when they were bought by Acclaim.  If anything, that might make them really keep their distance from me).  They have big names in their slots and are trying to jump into the market not only at the worst possible time, but when even their old fans are turning on them (witness the complaints about Shooter's work on Solar for Dark Horse versus his Solar for Valiant).  They are throwing themselves into a shark tank.

I hope you guys survive the experience.
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