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Skull And Crossbones


Friends have a tendency to send me weird shit, either to see if I'll write about it here or just to freak me out (to the guy who sent me the link that turned out to be clown porn, I hope to God you burn in Hell).  So I know there are probably a half dozen people ready to e-mail me about the "alien skull" found in Peru.

For those who don't know, Renato Davila Riquelme is a Peruvian anthropologist who discovered the remains of an unidentified creature.  Here's some pics:

I love how the first picture makes it look like it has derpy eyes.  The body the skull is attached to is roughly twenty inches long.  Riquelme is telling people it's most likely a child.  But the local press has interviewed five "anonymous" Spanish and Russian scientists claiming that this is actually an alien.

Anthropologists are on their way now to Peru to examine the skull.  There may be some material in one of the eye sockets to allow DNA testing.

Allow me to present two very likely, plausible, and far more likely explanations for this.  First, this could simply be a hydrocephalic child.  The other is the ancient tribal ritual of skull modification.  The London Daily Mail, which broke the story, explains, "To achieve the desired shape, the head was wrapped in tight cloth. In the case of cranial flattening, the head was placed between two pieces of wood. The technique would usually be carried out on an infant, when the skull is at its most pliable. The cloth would be applied from a month after birth and be held in place for about six months."

As longtime readers know, I'm interested in the paranormal and I believe in ghosts and aliens and Elvis and all that shit.  However, there is a difference between believing and allowing yourself to be fooled into believing something (the "alien autopsy" footage didn't fool me for a minute when I first saw it).  In this era of Photoshop and camera tricks and anonymous Internet stories, it is vital to keep skeptical.  This is probably something relatively mundane that will get little if any follow-up reporting.  Don't automatically assume anything different is otherworldly.  Especially when it's halfway around the world and the five people telling you it's otherworldly don't even identify themselves.
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