Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

When Your Kids Tell You Their Toys Come To Life, They Ain't Kidding

There was a toy line called "Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future." While the show wasn't bad, I was more interested in the toys and how they worked. Supposedly, the toys "knew" when something was happening on TV and you could shoot at it to rack up points or be hit by it, costing you points. With a little patience and some experimenting with my computer, I eventually found out it worked using flashing colors, and even worked out the cycles for what counted as a target and what counted as an attack. I still have the "charge station" with a Captain Power figure on my Forgotten Shelf next to my Maxx Steele from Robo Force.

With TV going digital, it was only a question of when before someone tried something like this again. The BBC's R&D team has come up with a nifty item they are trying to get out in time for Christmas. It's a small desktop Dalek. You can buy dozens of these things in different sizes on eBay, so what makes this one so special? I thought you'd never ask. They are working to implant metadata in the TV signal so that, at strategic points (like when the Daleks chant "Exterminate!"), the toy Dalek will activate and start rolling around, saying "Exterminate!" and waving its plunger.

I just know the response section to this is going to be filled with "WANT!"
Tags: art, nightmare fuel, science in action, technology is a beautiful thing, this ought to be interesting
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