Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Black Friday Scorecard: Final Tallies

If you didn't go shopping on Black Friday, here's part of what you missed out on:

*  At a Walmart in Los Angeles, a woman pepper sprayed roughly twenty other customers to get an XBox 360.  She was sought by the police and turned herself in.

*  A Kinston, NC security guard pepper sprayed people waiting to get in the building.

*  In New York's Soho neighborhood, shoppers looted a clothing store.

*  In Phoenix, AZ, a man suspected of shoplifting a video game got beaten bloody by a police officer.

*  In San Leandro, CA, a customer was shot outside of a store.  Police believe he was a mugging victim as he had already exited the store and was almost to his car.

*  In Fayetteville, NC, shots were fired inside a mall.

*  In Sacramento, NY, a man was stabbed at a store.

2008 was considered the worst Black Friday because a stampede of shoppers at a Walmart in Long Island, NY, killed an employee and sent a pregnant woman to the hospital.  Nice to see people rising to the challenge of surpassing it.  Might happen in the next year or two, in fact.

I used to think New Year's Eve was the most dangerous day of the year.  I'm seriously rethinking that.
Tags: don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, nightmare fuel, portents of doom, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing, wtf
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