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It's official, it's confirmed.

Last year was the first year for DanCon, a comic convention put on by horror comic fan and writer Decapitated Dan at the Orland Park Convention Center.  It highlights local indie comic creators.  He's doing it again this year.

And I'm going to have a table there.

It's kind of early, they are still putting the list together (which reminds me, I still need to get my biography to him for the web page).  The only ones I know will be there is Legion Studios, and that's because I'm pals with one of their members.  But from what he's saying, this year will be bigger.  Like, twice as big.  They are actually staking out two sections of the convention center this time, one section for dealers, one for us creators.  And unlike last year, I won't be a same day add-on, I'll be there from open to close.

So, March 4.  Yes, that's a Sunday.  Hopefully, the construction on I-80 either finishes or alleviates enough that the drive won't be a pain in the nuts again.  Your friendly neighborhood manga-ka will be there.  I'll not only have all issues of Sound Waves to date, but that'll be just before #9 launches (#8 is currently penciled in for February), so I'll have advance copies for sale.  I also expect to have my Doctor Whooves fan comic ready -- I'll have a few copies made up and will be giving them away for free.  Plus, assuming the rejection slips continue to come in, I'll be self-publishing Red Riding Hood, and should have some ready to go by then.  I'll have the usual standby's of the Stress Puppy GN and complete runs of Head Above Water.  And, of course, both Hannah Singer books ready to go.  Still debating bringing the games with, we'll see.

So stop by, say hi, and offer any burnt sacrifices you have handy.  See you then.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, doctor whooves, hannah singer, head above water, red riding hood, shameless whoring, sound waves, stress puppy, this ought to be interesting
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