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Redefining "Unwelcome Houseguest"

mornblade and I will periodically talk about frivolous lawsuits and what possesses people to either file them or what exactly they were doing according to the grounds of the lawsuit.

Mornblade, my brother?  This one's on me.

A man is suing the couple he took hostage because they aren't making good on their promise to give him money in exchange for releasing them.

I'm going to stop here for a moment because, if your reaction is anything like mine when I read that, you are currently staring at your monitor like a dog staring into a fan.  I'll resume once your brains have rebooted.

You're back?  Great!  So, Jesse Dimmick is from suburban Denver and, back in September 2009, was on the run from the fuzz.  He was a suspect in the killing of Michael Curtis and police wanted to bring him in for questioning.  He made it to Topeka, KS, with the law on his heel.  He broke into the house of Jared and Lindsay Rowley.  Dimmick said he was being chased by police and feared for his life.  Dimmick was armed with a knife and the couple feared he might have a gun on him (not an unreasonable assumption).  The Rowleys let Dimmick in their house, where they watched movies with him and gave him snacks.  Eventually, Dimmick fell asleep.

The Rowleys snuck out of their house and called the police.  Police arrived, and a firefight ensued.  Dimmick was arrested and convicted in May 2010 on four charges, including two for kidnapping.  Ten years, eleven months.  He's been since extradited back to Brighton, Colorado, for a preliminary hearing, originally for December 6 but now moved to April 12 of next year, on eight charges including the murder of Michael Curtis.

Now, Dimmick is filing a lawsuit against the Rowleys for breach of contract.  His hand written court documents (I wonder if they're written in crayon) read, "I, the defendant, asked the Rowleys to hide me because I feared for my life. I offered the Rowleys an unspecified amount of money which they agreed upon, therefore forging a legally binding oral contract."  Never mind that actions made under duress are not legally enforceable.  This is why people who are victims of extortion are not held accountable for their actions.  The original deal agreed on was $75,000.  Dimmick is asking for $235,000, part of it to pay for hospital bills for when he got shot during the police raid.  The Rowleys' attorney has asked the lawsuit be dismissed.

Natural selection -- don't you miss it?
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