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Pay No Attention To The Man Wearing The Curtain

In my professional comic book life, I am kind of sort of friends with Art Baltazar.  We don't hang out or anything like that, but we are acquaintances who are happy to run into each other and greet each other warmly.  I knew him looooooong ago when he was doing his self-published Patrick The Wolf Boy and was a long admirer of his.  Last year, I was one of the pros at the DuPage County comic book show, and he was another.  Baltazar is distinct -- you will know him anywhere.  I mean, I'm lousy with names and faces, and even I know him as soon as I see him.  I pretty much stayed at my table, thinking I didn't fit with the other pros.  Baltazar came around to look at my stuff.  He loved Sound Waves, both the stories and the art.  Baltazar saying the direction I was moving in was a good one made me feel so great.  Which reminds me -- I need to do another Fan Art Central and show the sketch of Rhapsody and Melody he did for me.

Baltazar is a longtime resident down here in the trenches who got lucky.  He created a comic for DC called Tiny Titans, an all-ages version of the DC characters.  Kids love it.  Adults love it.  Seeing him at a comic convention is hard because there is always a line of people like twenty deep looking to meet him, buy his books, get a sketch, and so on.  Always.  The sales are staying strong, and DC lets him do what he wants.  It's a dream job.

Tiny Titans just came out with its newest issue, and it only affirms why I think Baltazar is such a great guy.  The issue features the mysterious woman in purple that first appeared in Flashpoint #5 and appeared in every first issue of the DCnU books.  Everyone is wondering who she is.

And she appears in the Tiny Titans book.  Not in the background, either.  She is quite prominent, and the others keep trying to guess who she really is.  Wonder Girl finally decides this has gone on long enough and uses her rope to grab the robe and take it off.

So, the mystery woman of the DCnU, according to Art Baltazar, is....

...Ambush Bug.

AB says that he's just going along, making sure new characters fit into the Tiny Titans continuity.

First of all, this is so AB.  Originally, he was a lame character.  But Keith Giffen turned him into a fourth-wall breaker who provided satirical insight into comics in general and the DCU in particular.  He's like a friendlier version of Steve Gerber's Howard The Duck.  So this is absolutely pure AB.

Second, if the mystery woman in the DCnU is actually AB...well, let's just say it's one plot twist I WOULDN'T have a problem accepting.
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