Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Now That's One Big Pile Of Shirt

My brother in law and I don't think much of each other.

We don't reveal our true feelings.  Him, because he's afraid of honking off mom and dad and ending the gravy train they are on.  Me, because in a family full of drama, ripping people off, taking advantage of them, some either doing time or on the run from the law, insulting them, and mentally and emotionally abusing each other, the only unforgivable sin is the Sin Of Negativity.  I'm not allowed to talk about things because I'm supposed to forgive family no matter what the transgressions

My family is a freak show without the tent.

Keep in mind, when I shop for presents, I don't project myself onto the gift.  I specifically look for stuff the person will be thrilled to receive.  Peter G's Rule For Gift Giving #1 -- It should NEVER not be cool.  This has served me quite well.  My BIL, however, insists on giving me gifts he thinks I should be thrilled to receive.  Keep in mind, I have 29 different video game systems.  I love video games.  I grew up with them.  I MAKE THEM.  And BIL thinks it's too kiddie.  He wants to give me a "manly" gift, like that emergency roadside kit ( practical....).  The only gift I wanted that he had no problem giving me was the Dremmel press I needed for making circuit boards.  He didn't ask why I wanted hardware, he just thought I had finally come around.

But, the Atari Flashback 2 I got last year?  My sister found it and insisted I would love it.  Even though I was thrilled (I couldn't fake THAT reaction), my BIL hated giving it.

I have ferreted out why my sister and BIL are getting me for Christmas this year.


T-shirts with ducks on them.

Funny ducks.

I'm suspecting the equivalent of the Big Johnson shirts or whatever.

I DON'T WEAR T-SHIRTS!  The only time I wear a regular T-shirt other than an undershirt (like my black "Got mermaid?" one), I usually pair it with my trademark club shirts.  My dad is already theorizing that I'll just wear them while doing yardwork or whatever since I don't wear T-shirts.

But yeah.  Video games everywhere.  I'm a movie geek, and those are even easier to find.  Books.  Music.  Hell, my sister loves My Little Pony--Friendship Is Magic and knows I'm a fan, too.  And how many times have I told them they could just get me a pack of the 5B drumsticks from Walmart and I'll be happy?  (No, they don't know about the mermaid fascination, although I can't image it being worse than finding out about the FiM thing.)

People complain about Christmas being about imposing one's beliefs on others.  It ain't just religious beliefs that that's being done with.
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