Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Big Time! I'm On My Way, I'm Making It

I meant to write this up yesterday, but couldn't get around to it.  But you should be able to find it on the Chicago Tribune website.

The Trib did a write-up on Allegra Rosenberg, who is 16 years old and lives in Skokie.  She is one of the leading names in trock.

What is trock, you ask?  Well, you know how there's the whole filk scene, folk music about sci-fi/fantasy, right?  And this begat wizard rock.  Well, trock is a subset of filk.  It is specifically songs about Doctor Who (time lord rock), such as the band Chameleon Circuit.

I'm taking a huge risk posting this here.  Because it is common knowledge that I'm an amateur drummer with his own electronic drum kit.  And mornblade and clionona are Whovians.

Who like music.

And are probably looking at me and thinking, "You know, every band needs a good rhythm section...."

Stop me before I say, "No brown M&M's."
Tags: art, fandom wank, just play music
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