Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Finally! Some Representative Government!

Oh, hi!  I'm Peter G, owner, operator, and grand poobah of Sine Timore Industries.  We are aware that we take a LOT of cheap shots at politicians and treat them like dirt.  In our defense, it IS company policy.  However, this also means that, when the politicians actually do something right and do their jobs looking out for the interests of their constituents, we are obligated to point it out and give them the snaps they deserve.

(Note:  if this sounds a little forced, it's because we haven't genuinely praised a politician in a while.  We're a little out of practice.)

Back when people were learning about new technology, a machine was invented referred to as the autodialer.  It dialed phone numbers automatically and allowed either a person or a prerecorded message to be played.  We ALL know what these are like.  Some of them can handle 10,000 phone numbers a minute.  With the advent of mobile phones, people realized it was only a question of when before autodialers started calling them.  And these things were super expensive.  In 1991, autodialers calling mobile phones were essentially outlawed.  Good, right?

Well, last September, a bill was introduced to the House Energy And Commerce Committee by Reps Lee Terry (R-Neb) and Ed Towns (D-NY), would have lifted that.  Keep in mind, some phone plans are still expensive, and if you have a Pay As You Go, you're really looking at getting fucked.

Well, this week, Terry and Towns sent a leter that asked the chairman of the HECC to stop the bill's progress through the committee.  Basically, they killed it.  "What we have learned is there is no hope for this legislation.  We have heard from our constituents (yeah, I'll bet they did.  -- G).  They are concerned about what they believe will happen should this legislation become law."

So, there you go.  Two politicians who actually listened to the will of the people!

Maybe this is a trend!


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