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Welcome To Comics, Mister Mathews. Hope You Survive The Experience

His name is Michael Mathews.  He is the new CEO of Wizard after Gareb Shamus flew the coop.

In the days since Shamus left, people have been expecting Wizard World to go tits up and file bankruptcy.  Mathews, apparently, is not ready to let that happen.  He's been saying for a while now that big changes are coming to Wizard (I think it's likely Shamus getting out of the way was the first step to rebuilding bridges).  He also did an interview with The Beat where he did not mince words about how Shamus ran things.

One of the longtime problems was the Wizard Subscription Money fiasco.  To the very end, when Shamus was followed around a WW convention by a web reporter calling himself White Lando Calrissian (yes, a white guy dressed as Lando), Shamus refused to acknowledge what happened over a year ago.

Today, Mathews took his next step with this letter to people at the center of the WSM fiasco:

Now, this is hardly perfect.  There's people who don't live near a WW convention or maybe just don't want to go to one, who don't want a $100 voucher and become an "ambassador" but just want their $20 back.

But at least he's trying to make things up.  That already puts him ahead of Shamus.
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