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Crossdressing To Bear

I know I'm probably going to get some shit from the Peanut Gallery over this, but I don't care.  Yes, it's another one of those, "Here's something small in the world, and Peter G sees it as proof of how fucked up the world is."

In this case, it concerns an upcoming television show.  Television exists to marginalize people and pit them against each other whether racially, sexually, or even just geographically.  Watch TV shows, and the people most consistently presented as losers that exist for the main characters to make fun of are poor people.  Saturday Night Live and MADtv seem to have real hate-on's for anyone who is not only that, but from the American South.

TV also makes fun of women.  Think about the most successful names in TV right now.  The Kardashians.  They are shown as pampered bitches who are just soooooooo much better than everyone else.  This kind of behavior, if it was exhibited by someone you know, would have you avoiding them at all costs.  All you have to do is look at the volume of negative criticism to see it.  The Real Housewives series?  Jersey Shore?  Women are presented as subhuman creatures.  They only exist for the amusement of men, either through sexual pleasure or as targets of derision.  Women are not depicted sympathetically.

January 3 will see the debut of a new TV show called, Work It.  A full page ad appeared, showing two guys, their backs to the viewer, dressed as women and standing at urinals.  The premise is that the two guys need jobs, but the place is only hiring women, so they go in drag to land the gigs.  Anyone else sensing a retread of Bosom Buddies here?

I just love the underlying theme here.  They would never make a show about a woman having to disguise herself as a man, but they have no problem presenting men like this.  Men don't get sexually humiliated like this.  Men don't have to wear things just to be judged as acceptable to society.  No one presents being a man as some sort of cruel social hell.  In other words, no man would ever have to go through this, so let's laugh about it, completely forgetting that they will never be beholden to those standards.

This just smells like a comedy whose value comes from laughing at how ridiculous it is that women have to go through this by two guys who can simply leave that world at the end of the work day.

How arrogant.

People want TV to reflect society.  Unfortunately, it already does.
Tags: art, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, stupidity, wrong on every level
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