Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Oh, God! My Adoring Public Will Forget About Me!

Here's a little tip for all you self-publishers and indies hoping to do a signing at a Barnes And Noble or a Borders.

Don't bother.

The thought occurred to me during the week that, with the Christmas rush still a ways off, I might be able to do some prep work.  The Barnes And Nobles and Borders in my area will do local author signings.  Not only that, but they have those Friday night concerts by local musicians where they play a set and sell their CD's.  Hey, I'm local!  And I have a comic book series, Sound Waves, that will be hitting issue #3 by the time the Christmas rush rolls around!  (Not Stress Puppy.  I think the GN is just a tough sell to people who have never even heard of the strip before.)

So, a plan was formed -- I would talk to these stores and see if they might be interested in me bringing in copies of Sound Waves and sitting at a table the day after Thanksgiving and sell books and sign them.  It seemed a perfect plan.  I could camp out by the door or the manga section (and with Barnes And Noble and Borders finally starting to offer free wifi, I could easily keep myself entertained during lulls) and work the crowd.

However, I figured it wouldn't be that simple.  I was right.  Both chains stated that, in order to do a local author signing, it has to be something available through their supply channel.  That means that comic books in general are unlikely, indies have no chance, and self-publishers?  Just kill yourselves.

Dwayne Biddix, who penciled The Supremacy, was able to score signing gigs at Wal-marts in his area.  Wal-marts!  These are FRIGGIN' BOOK STORES LOOKING TO HYPE LOCAL TALENT!

Ah, well.  I'll just keep plugging along.  But if the books really take off, my reputation grows, and B&N or Borders ask if I'd do a signing at their stores...I'd have to get back to them....
Tags: art, comic books, comics, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, important life lessons, infernal gall, sound waves, stupidity, the supremacy
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